About Company


We bring value to your company in many ways -- from professional management of human resource system, workers’ compensation, to consultation on all of your human resource matters. ACRO provides you with the peace of mind. Given today's complex tax requirements, statuatory compliances, health and benefit administration and related HR matters, partnering with ACRO makes great business sense.

We offer complete employee management solutions for your organization, whether you are a big or small player. Our experienced team in all aspects of human resources and payroll and can implement a customized PEO program to meet your particular needs. ACRO employees bring with them the expertise in staffing solutions, payroll and human resources supplemented with commitment to client service.

Relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction

At Acro, customer satisfaction is not only a feature of our work ethic, it's a core component of our organization. One example of this is our Employee Relations Team. Equipped with in-depth knowledge of each client’s culture, needs, and environment, team members constantly monitor customer satisfaction with every consultant and employee in the field.

Focus on your core Business

What do you least enjoy about running your business, department, or agency? Payroll? Benefit administration? Desktop adds, moves, and changes? Maintaining the right levels of clerical and light industrial support? Whatever it is, Acro can help. We've helped hundreds of organizations like yours get back to core business functions. When our customers have a sharp focus on their core functions they almost always come up with winning strategies and product


Your needs involve a delicate mix of people, technology, ideas, and deadlines. ACRO manages these variables thru carefully developed skill set, to help you gain competitive advantage. With nearly two decades in business, ACRO has mastered the art of working with people, listening intently to our clients, assembling winning teams, and delivering products and services that exceed expectations.


Any organization as far-reaching and diverse as ACRO would be of limited value to its customers without the glue of shared knowledge. Our procedures are thoroughly documented and all HR related guidelines would be available online for the employees. As a result, our customers can expect the same award-winning service regardless of the location or business unit they’re dealing with. A few of these processes are so unique they’ve become part of our corporate culture. They include:

  • Rite Source - We’ve distilled two decades of recruiting experience into a nine-step process that allows us to assign the right resources the first time, every time. With Arco’s Rite Source, your operations won't miss a beat--whether you need a team player or an entire team.
  • Key Transfer - Our system for gathering and distributing critical information with all stakeholders throughout the project life cycle.
Complete Services

ACRO can manage all employee administration tasks for you, including: complete payroll processing, tax filings, human resource services, employee benefits and administration, Employee Assistance Plan, Group Life Insurance, etc.

In-house expertise

Virtually all of your employee administration is managed in-house by ACRO employees where we have complete control and can provide the highest level of customer service possible.

State of the art systems

Utilizing the latest in payroll, tax and benefits administration software gives us the advantage in providing you with a truly customized program.

Fully Tax–Deductible Invoices

Our invoicing provides you with ease of administration. We also fully disclose all of your costs so there’s no guessing as to what you’re being charged for.

Experienced, financially stable company

As a division of ACRO Service Corp., founded in 1982, ACRO HR Solutions offers a full array of employee administration and staffing services backed by a stable organization with a proven track record of growth, stability and success.

Speed and Agility

Ramping up for a project or contract? Need a dozen software engineers with medical systems experience to start next Thursday? Call ACRO. Our Resource Management and Allocation Group (RMAG) will mobilize immediately to formulate an action plan, offer options, and deliver results.

Contemporary Skills

ACRO views the professional development of its employees as a competitive advantage and as a key ingredient of its continuing success. As an example, ACRO recently made a substantial investment in web-based learning. Our employees now have access to over 500 technical and business courses whether they're in New York or New Delhi, and our clients have access to the sharpest, most current expertise available. For present and future members of the ACRO team, we set forth here a brief statement of Acro's mission, philosophy, and the relationship between our philosophy and vision. Our collective attention to these matters will continue to be among our most important responsibility. Continuous, Personalized Customer Care