Temp to Hire Services


This "temp-to-hire" option allows ACRO’s clients to gain qualified individuals immediately to meet business needs, while keeping their staffing options flexible in case of workload fluctuations. It also ensures an employee is a match for the company before extending a job offer. Businesses can minimize their productivity losses and observe firsthand a prospective employee's job performance, making temp-to-hire the ultimate employment interview. As an added benefit, ACRO will remain the employer of record until the client hires the candidate. As an ACRO client, you may hire the employee without penalty or additional fees once the "Temp to Hire" time frame has elapsed.

Temp to Hire service is getting more popular in today's corporate world. The Client recruits the candidate and ACRO keeps them on their payroll for a probation period. Once the client is satisfied with the candidates performance absorbs them as permanent employees.


  • The client with the help of Acro ensures that they are hiring the right candidates.
  • The client can review an employee's work performance for a predefined length of time before hiring the employee

ACRO works closely with its clients to understand not only their particular technical requirements but also their working environment and culture. ACRO consultants utilize this knowledge when developing an appropriate recruitment strategy and as a guide in pre-selection interviews.