Vendor Management


Acro has invested heavily in the development of its Vendor Management Solutions (VMS). The VMS Solutions consist of web-enabled software and tailored programs to optimize the procurement and management of temporary labor. ACRO vendor management solutions help clients attain levels of service and direct business benefits unavailable through any other channels. Acro's external Resource Management solution consists of web-enabled software (XRMSM System) and tailored assistance programs (XRMSM Services) to optimize the procurement and management of temporary and contract labor.

Advantages of vendor management

  • Procure temporary staffing services at competitive prices,
  • Lower the overall cost of these services to BSES,
  • Consolidate a pool of vendors to ensure BSES needs are met timely, and vendors are properly motivated to serve BSES,
  • Streamline service procurement and management process,
  • Facilitation of all processes through the application of advanced technologies.