About Company

Our Vision – Our Dream

Little of consequence is accomplished unless there is first a dream. After each dream comes the work to make the dream come true. Our vision is that Acro will

  • Have 100% of its clients receiving the best possible service.
  • Have 100% if its team members realizing their full potential while taking joy in making the dream come true.
Acro's Mission – Our Aim

To realize its Vision, Acro will be a growth-focused company. In responsible growth lies the sustained well being of all our stakeholders: our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the community.

To grow, we will constantly strive to find new and better ways to serve our customers through personal responsibility, teamwork, innovation, process improvements, expansion into new geographic areas and offering new, but related, business lines.

We will do everything within our power to exceed customer expectations and build long-term relationships.

Our Philosophy and Principles

Acro is guided by a philosophy based on certain core values, perhaps best summarized by the Golden Rule--Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You.Although the Acro philosophy can be summarized by the Golden Rule, it is composed of many principles, including:

  • Fairness
  • A proper balance between head and heart
  • Participative versus authoritarian management
  • Having as few rules as possible
  • Helping the individual to become all that he or she is capable of becoming
  • Optimizing rather than maximizing our financial success
  • Doing the right things for the right reasons, with major emphasis on the long-range consequences of our decisions.

Although we will continue to expand and refine the principles embodied in the Acro philosophy, our emphasis will be on communicating, exemplifying and actually living the Golden Rule day in and day out, throughout the whole firm.