What has been rated as the fastest growing human resource trend, the phenomenon of temporary staffing has finally caught up in India. Managing manpower requirements is a challenge to organizations regardless of size or industry. Turnover, illness or temporary leaves can disrupt operations and shift managerial attention away from urgent business priorities. It enables the client to respond to short-term temporary and/or flexible manpower needs with specific skill set requirements or for supplementing the workforce. These services could be of a part-time, full-time or job sharing nature.

Acro provides temporary staffing services to resolve headcount issues and minimize administrative overheads by taking care of statutory obligations and employee management services. Acro clients that require additional help to cover increases in workload find contract placement an excellent alternative to expanding their internal staff. Acro provides qualified and screened employees for the client to choose from. During the term of employment, the selected employee will receive all the fringe benefits normally received by an internal employee. Acro also handles all employer responsibilities such as mandatory employer taxes and insurance while the employee is working at our client's facility.

ACRO would be of high worth given such situation. By using Acro resources on a temporary basis, your team can meet the fluctuating manpower requirements of the organization in a cost-effective way. Typical situations where staff augmentation has proven effective for our clients include:

High turnover positions
Temporary projects or peak seasonal demands
Inability to hire permanent employees
Back-fills during a leave of absence
Back-fills for employees that have been temporarily reassigned
Why ACRO: - Today’s workforce chooses temporary employment as an avenue to exhibit their talents to the client organization, which could be a stepping-stone to a full-time permanent career. Temporary employment has often been an effective entry route into big companies. Some of other advantages are-
No liability of permanent employment
To cope with headcount issues
One single invoice for the services rendered
Flexibility for the duration of the contract
Advantages of temporary staffing
The opportunity for organizations to focus on core areas
Flexibility of employment
Ease of recruitment and replacement
Long-term cost advantages
Benefits of scale